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Warranty Claims & Returns

Our return policy:

99BATS has a 30-day return policy for un-used products in their original packaging. All bats must be in their original wrapper with no hits on them. Wood bats must still have any stickers on them with no sign of use. Gloves must have original tags and keychains attached with no sign of use. To setup a return, please contact us and include your order number, CLICK HERE.


Need to file a warranty claim?

Most alloy or composite bats come with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer. All warranty claims must be filed with the manufacturer directly. You will need your order confirmation email that we emailed you at time of purchase, this will be used as the proof of purchase from 99BATS. Once you have that, call or email the manufacture directly to file your warranty claim. They will walk you through the process. Below we have included the warranty contact information for each manufacture. If you contact 99BATS directly to file a warranty claim, you will be directed to this page for instructions.





Phone: 1-800-937-2287

Policy Information: DeMarini offers an exceptional warranty to secure your investment. If under warranty, our policy is to provide you with repair or one-time replacement of your bat within one year from the date of purchase. No warranty without a receipt. Please keep your receipt. This is a manufacturers warranty. Do not return your bat to the authorized dealer. Your original dated receipt from an authorized dealer is required. Bats not purchased from an authorized dealer do not carry a warranty of any kind. PayPal, eBay or any other auction site receipts will not be considered. Custom bat warranty claims will be replaced by an identical custom bat when possible. Otherwise, an inline replacement will be issued. Limited edition bats will be replaced with the in-line equivalent.


 Louisville SluggerLouisville Slugger


Phone: 1-844-531-5506

Policy Information: Louisville Slugger offers a one time, one-year limited warranty (may vary outside the U.S.) from the original purchaser’s receipt date. To avoid fraudulent claims, consumers must save original receipt (proof of purchase). Custom bat warranty claims will be replaced by an identical custom bat when possible. Otherwise an inline replacement will be issued.




Phone: 1-888-259-1297

Policy Information: This Easton bat warranty covers all manufacturing defects resulting from normal field usage including: Denting, Cracking, Breaking, Loose or Detached End Cap or Rattling.




Phone: 1-225-291-2552

Policy Information: As a condition of any warranty claim, the bat and a valid receipt from an authorized Marucci dealer are tendered to Marucci at the address listed below. Warranties will not be honored unless the bat and receipt are tendered. All product returned under warranty will be reviewed by our qualified staff. If it is determined that your bat is covered under warranty, Marucci will send you either a repaired or replacement bat of the same model and size. We reserve the right to perform testing to determine if the bat meets warranty requirements and/or to refuse warranty service to any person who, in the judgment of Marucci, abuses the Marucci product and/or warranty policy. Marucci also reserves the right to substitute a similar product as a replacement, if necessary.





Policy Information: Baden Sports offers a one-year, limited bat warranty*, which covers a one-time replacement from date of purchase on certain current-year bats where a manufacturing defect resulted -- through normal field use -- in severe denting, cracking, breaking, or detachment of end cap. The product must be purchased within the U.S. and must be from an Axe Bat Authorized Dealer. Closeout bats and wood bats are final-sale only and not covered by any type of warranty.




Phone: 1-800-729-5464

Policy Information: To submit warranty claims on any other covered products, please contact Rawlings Customer Service department.




Phone: 1-877-807-5291

Policy Information: Miken Sports warrants that for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase from an authorized dealer, this product will be free from defects in material and workmanship. This limited warranty covers cracking, breaking, or significant denting that may occur during normal usage. Should a defect occur during the warranty period, Miken Sports will repair or replace (at its option) the defective product, free of charge. A replacement product will be an identical or reasonably equivalent product. This is your exclusive warranty.




Phone: 1-800-423-3714




Phone: 1-800-874-5930

Policy Information: Most Wilson products come with a one-year warranty. To inquire about the warranty status of an item, contact Wilson Customer Service.




Phone: 1-265-255-BATS

Policy Information:

Victus Sports offers a 45 day warranty on Pro Reserve models listed on our website. Axe Bats ™ and Grit Matte bats are not covered by the 45-day warranty. Victus will honor the warranty of any Axe Bat ™ model purchased before this date. All wood bats are hand crafted to your exact specifications. Upon completion, your bat is inspected to ensure no blemishes or defects. Still, there are times that your bat may break for a variety of reasons.  If that happens within 45 days of purchase, we will be happy to provide a replacement bat, as long as there is no evidence of misuse.  All shipping charges will fall on the returning customer.