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BOOMSTIK - Increase Your Bat Speed

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  • Adult - 33" / 60oz (3.75lbs) 
  • Youth/Girls - 30" / 40oz (2.5lbs)
  • 1 1/2" handle
  • Builds speed
  • Builds power
  • Constructed from super strong ABS
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A.


Your bat will feel like a toothpick after swinging the BOOMSTIK! Whether you're on deck, in the hole, or training in the off-season the BOOMSTIK will help improve your bat speed and give you more pop. It's designed to increase swing speed and power through its 40oz or 60oz weight and over-sized grip design. The Boomstik is not designed to hit balls. It is constructed from super strong ABS plastic and other materials. It is designed as a strength building piece of workout equipment for warming up, working out or swinging on deck prior to taking an at-bat.

Perfectly end-loaded, taking controlled dry hacks with good mechanics will help build strength in your upper and lower body, but the secret to the BOOMSTIK is in its handle. The oversized handle will help you build bomb crushing grip and wrist strength, an often overlooked but key component in swing speed and bat control that all great power hitters possess.

 *The BOOMSTIK is designed to be a weighted, strength and speed building piece of workout equipment. Taking controlled dry swings using proper swing mechanics will help to build grip/wrist strength, core strength, and leg strength. The oversized grip diameter is key to building grip strength, while either the 60oz or 40oz weight helps build core and leg strength. Swinging the BOOMSTIK in the on-deck circle prior to batting can temporarily increase explosiveness and confidence at the plate. This is not designed to hit balls or take any kind of batting practice. 

Questions & Answers

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  • Will it fit in a bat bag?

    Yes, it will fit in any bat bag no problem. It is a little more than twice as heavy as most bats though.

  • What size do I get for 12-14 year old girls?

    The 30"/40oz would be the right size for girls. The 40oz weight would be like swinging a pair of -10 fastpitch bats.

  • Can you hit normal baseballs with it?

    You should not hit anything with the Boomstik.  Swing the Boomstik with proper swing mechanics before you hit.  Then proceed to hit dingers.

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